• Kid : More than 37 months ~ 12 years old
      • Baby : 36 months or less

Prepare for your precious baby’s first birthday, the birthday feast for your parents, and an engagement ceremony by taking advantage of the excellent services and menus of Lacasa Hotel Seoul. The penthouse of Lacasa Hotel Seoul built in keeping with the theme of ‘life with sharing’ allows you to rejoice in meaningful conversations, warm memories, and close relationships with others.

Consultation time

  • Mon - Fri : 9:00am - 18:00pm Excluding Holidays
Reservation and Inquiry
Tel 02-6711-9000
Email bqrsvn@hotellacasa.co.kr


  • Loft House

    • Room Size 37 ㎡ / Terrace 18 ㎡
    • Formal dining course Max. of 30 people
  • Garden House

    • Room Size 35 ㎡ / Terrace 28 ㎡
    • Formal dining course Max. of 12 people
  • the tavern

    • Size 114 ㎡
    • Formal dining course Max. of 18 people
  • the salon

    • Size 192 ㎡
    • Formal dining course Max. of 32 people
  • the garden

    • Size 135 ㎡ / terrace 28 ㎡
    • Formal dining course Max. of 14 people


A unique and flexible space, elegant flower decorations, and the detailed services of Lacasa Hotel Seoul will make every kind of private party perfect for you including your first-birthday party, family feast, and bridal shower.


Based on our experiences of holding various events, Lacasa Hotel Seoul provides diverse layouts that are suitable for all kinds of circumstances and contents.


Enjoy lots of different menus that are appropriate for the particular characteristics of the party along with course menus made with the special recipes of Lacasa Hotel.