• Kid : More than 37 months ~ 12 years old
      • Baby : 36 months or less

Located on the 7th floor of Lacasa Hotel, the lobby lounge is a place where you can experience the design lifestyle of Lacasa Hotel. Experience a cultural life through the artworks of Korea’s prominent artists displayed throughout the area. The beautiful piece of art that hangs behind the lobby desk is Jangsudae: Mugan-ri at Mt. Yongmoon painted by the artist Min Joung Ki in 2007. Take the time to feel the aesthetic sense of Korean tradition through the painting that displays the typical town of Korea. Besides, the installation art placed in front of the elevator is Robot on the Roof created by Paik Nam June who is the representative video artist of Korea. You can use the computers for simple business procedures at the lobby lounge, and services including faxes and copying are provided if requested at the front desk.